Voice of change Jadyn Rylee

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  1. From her Youtube channel:

    This song is meant to empower the younger generation and send a message that no matter how hard the world gets, no matter what you want to achieve, it can be done when people put aside their differences and work together.

    Voice of change is another powerful song written by Curt Ryle and John Castleberry in Nashville, TN. The message that they have created is nothing new, but although it’s timeless, it is something that we constantly forget. We are stronger, together. We can achieve more, together. We can make this a better place, together.

    This video would not have been possible if it wasn’t for some really great people coming together for a common goal. We were so lucky to have people travel to Nashville from Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, New York, Illinois and surrounding areas within Tennessee. We hope that this song brings more people together and that they become the voice of change that will make this world better for future generations.

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