Hello and welcome to my website!

Hi, my name is Al Borchers & I currently reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Was born in Germany in 1954 & my parents immigrated to the US when I was 6 months old. My father was a Steel Worker & my mother a homemaker.

During my adult career, I have done most everything, ranging from working in the Steel Mills, Construction, Retail, driving a Taxi, and eventually ended up in Sales & Management in the Automobile Industry. Was a General Sales and Finance Manager for a large Automobile Franchise.

I started building Web Sites in 1999 mostly as a hobby and discovered Online Marketing. I was fortunate to be involved with some “Big Hitters” and made some serious money! Started a SafeList Advertising site in December 2001, closed in 2011.

In 2006 I fell into a great M-F Corporate job with benefits, vacations, etc and slowly slacked off my online marketing.

Well, got laid off in 2010,  so… back to doing what I am truly passionate about, and have done my research the Mobile Movement and the CBD Evolution is the place to be involved!   Check out the links on CBD and go to the dropdown and visit some pages.

I am here to provide you with the best in Mobile Site design, WordPress Websites, and leading the way for the CBD Evolution.


Warm Regards,

Al Borchers



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